#1: What is the history of Electronic Cigarettes?
The electronic cigarette was invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003 and introduced to the market the following year. The company he worked for, Golden Dragon Holdings, changed its name to Ruyan (meaning "to resemble smoking").

#2: Do electronic cigarettes produce smoke?
No, nothing is burned. Electronic Cigarettes emit an odourless water vapour/fog.

#3: Why is it called “Vaping”?
Cigarettes produce smoke, therefore we refer to this as smoking. People who use cigarettes are called smokers. Electronic cigarettes produce vapor, therefore we refer to this as vaping. People who use electronic cigarettes are called vapers.

ejuice, eliquid#4: What is e-juice or e-liquid?
E-Juice (also known as e-liquid or smoke juice) is a non-toxic liquid comprised of USP grade Propylene Glycol and/or Vegetable Glycerine (both of which create the vapor), non-toxic food grade flavouring and nicotine if desired. The e-juice is available in varying strengths in a wide variety of flavours. A typical e-cigarette user vapes approximately 1-3 ml of liquid per day.

#5: Which e-Juice tastes closest to a real cigarette?
New e-cig users generally try to find an e-juice that will taste like their favourite brand of cigarette. Because e-liquid does not contain tobacco or any of the other thousands of chemicals, you will never find an e-juice that tastes exactly like a cigarette. The tobacco flavoured e-liquids try to mimic tobacco cigarettes. You will probably need to try a few different e-liquids to find what you like best. 

#6: How long will my Electronic Cigarette last?

electronic cigarette batteryE-Cigarette Batteries have different life spans depending on the type type (such as 510, 808, ego or an ecigarette Mod) but you can be fairly certain to get at least several months use out of them. Once the e-cig battery does not hold its charge as long as it used to, you should order a replacement battery. Just like your cell phone and computer – the more you charge it, the weaker it gets.

electronic cigarette atomizerAtomizers (used in 3-piece e-cigs in conjunction with a cartridge) will need to be replaced more frequently than your e-cigarette batteries. Realistically, a standard electronic cigarette atomizer will last 2-12 weeks before it gets weak or you notice muted flavours.

electronic cigarette cartridgeCartridges
(used in 3-piece e-cigs in conjunction with an atomizer) have an indefinite lifespan. Simply remove the batting inside, wash it out, dry it and place it back inside the mouthpiece. Or, toss it out and use a new one when the batting gets gunked up and no longer tastes as good.

electronic cigarette cartomizerCartomizers (used in 2-piece e-cigs) are meant to be disposable but they can be refilled several times until you notice it is not producing as much vapor or not tasting as good. The lifespan of your electronic cigarette cartomizer depends a lot on the type of e-juice you are using. Generally thicker/darker e-juices will clog up the cartomizer quicker and you won't get as many refills. Thinner/clearer e-liquids will allow you more refills. 

electronic cigarette clearomizerClearomizers (used in 2-piece e-cigs) are meant to be refilled several times but have different lifespans depending on the type of e-juice being used. Generally thicker/darker e-juice will clog up your electronic cigarette clearomizer coils quicker and you won't get as many refills. Thinner/clearer e-liquids will allow you more refills.

E-Juice/ E-Liquid  Unopened e-liquid can last 2 years if properly stored in a cool, dark place. Open e-liquid will last just as long if stored properly but the nicotine strength may slightly degrade over time. Always check the expiry date on your e-juice bottles to be sure as some e-liquids may have a shorter expiry date.

#8: Have there been any studies done on the use of electronic cigarettes?

How safe are electronic cigarettes? - Health New Zealand (PDF)
Safety Report on the Ruyan e-cigarette cartridge and inhaled aerosol - Health New Zealand (PDF)
Chemical composition of INSTEAD Electronic cigarette - Alliance Technologies investigative (PDF)
Toxicology reports on FlavourArt individual flavouring concentration and use - ClearStream Clinical


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