Innokin iTaste V3

Innokin iTaste V3
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The Innokin iTaste V3 is a variable voltage MOD electronic cigarette that lets you adjust the voltage between 3.3V and 5.0V adjustable in 0.1v increments, with simple operations. It gives you the freedom to control the vapor volume by yourself anytime.

The Innokin iTaste uses the latest microprocessor to create an extremely effective variable voltage\variable wattage device. Using the variable wattage feature allows the users to dial in their preferred vape strength and let the unit compensate for different atomizer and low battery power to maintain consistency.

The Innokin iTaste is compatible with all 510/eGO atomizers, cartomizers and clearomizers which are purchased separately. Any of the atomizers, catomizers or clearomizers we sell are compatible with with unit.

Included in the kit:

-          1 – Innokin iTaste with battery

-          1 - Innokin USB charger

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